Dental Arts of Rockland Tooth Bonding

Dental Arts of Rockland Tooth Bonding

The Conservative Way to Repair and Correct

Sometimes your smile needs just a little help to look its very best. Dental tooth bonding is our preferred treatment method for small chips, cracks, cavities and other imperfections. But dental bonding, when artfully applied, can offer a whole range of cosmetic and restorative improvements.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding offers our patients cosmetic improvements that are both conservative and inexpensive. But what is probably most appealing is that bonding requires less preparation of the tooth than a porcelain veneer or crown does.

The first step is to gently prepare the tooth surface to allow a better bond between your tooth and the resin material we are applying to the tooth. After preparation, we carefully sculpt composite resin to fill gaps, repair chips, restore small cavities or cover minor stains.

We take an artistic approach to bonding and work carefully and delicately to not only perfectly match the tooth we are repairing in color, but to create the natural surface textures, translucency and shading a youthful, unblemished tooth will have.

With artfully applied dental bonding, your smile will be repaired and looking great in one easy visit! For more information about dental bonding, call 845-359-0407.

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