Dental Arts of Rockland Full Mouth Restoration

Dental Arts of Rockland Full Mouth Restoration

Transform Your Smile – Transform Your Life!

While a smile makeover can transform your smile, Full Mouth Restoration can transform your life. Full mouth restorations are designed for people who have chronic and painful issues with their teeth and their bites – issues that go far beyond aesthetics.

In a full mouth restoration, we are working to create a smile that functions well, feels comfortable and looks naturally beautiful. And it is that function and comfort that lie at the heart of every full mouth restoration we perform.

I’m so Ashamed of My Teeth, I Can’t Even Ask for Help

It is for patients like this that we began offering full mouth restorations in the first place. We never make you feel diminished because of the condition of your teeth. We just want to celebrate the hope and possibility of a functional new smile.

What is Involved in a Full Mouth Restoration?

Each full mouth restoration is different, but they all have one thing in common – getting your smile to function and feel the way nature intended it to.

This may include restoring your teeth with crowns, veneers, partials or implants and adjusting your bite with neuromuscular dentistry. Stimulation and relaxation of the jaw muscles using TENs can also be helpful. The TENs is a low-level electrical impulse machine that exercises the jaw muscles and releases lactic acid built up from overusing muscles in the wrong position. TENSing may be combined with the use of an orthotic to gently move the jaw into its normal position.

Don’t live with a painful, embarrassing smile another day! Call us to find out what we can do to help you live life to the fullest!

  • My teeth were in terrible shape and I was in constant pain. I was ashamed to smile and I felt it held me back in certain social situations. Dr. Blechman and his staff explained my options and what I could expect in such a kind and gentle way, that even though I was very apprehensive, I decided to go ahead with the treatments they recommended… I couldn’t be happier! I am much more confident about my looks and it has definitely made a difference for the better in my quality of life. I can’t thank the staff and doctor enough for making this a great experience!

    - Bruce
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