Dental Arts of Rockland Snap-On Smile

Dental Arts of Rockland Snap-On Smile

Instant Smile WOW!

Your high school reunion is fast approaching and you still haven’t had the dental work you promised yourself you would have. You have a job interview coming up and you suddenly realize what a liability your broken smile might be. It’s family portrait time again and you dread it because you lack the confidence to smile in front of the camera.

Don’t worry – our Snap-On Smile can help you feel great about your smile – fast!

Snap-On Smile is the innovative and affordable way to perfect your smile without the preparation, time or cost required for other cosmetic dental procedures.

A Snap-On Smile works in a way similar to a sculpted nail. It snaps on over your own teeth to present the world with a perfect surface – every flaw covered, every imperfection hidden. They can even fill the gap of a missing tooth!

This amazing dental appliance is only available through certified dentists and costs about what one porcelain veneer might cost!

We simply take a mold of your teeth, and send it to the Snap-On lab. In about two weeks, your amazing new smile will be here for you to try on. These teeth stay secure in your mouth without any shifting or moving so you can eat, smile and speak with total confidence.

Ask us about Snap-On Smile today and discover a beautiful smile you can afford!

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