Dental Arts of Rockland Children’s Care

Dental Arts of Rockland Children’s Care

Advanced Dentistry for our Most Precious Smiles

When kids smile, the world just lights up! And what could be more contagious than a child’s laughter? Those precious smiles make life a joy. That’s why we want to help all of our young patients keep their teeth healthy, sound and bright.

We offer the same quality preventive and conservative treatments to our young patients as we do adults, including early diagnosis and healthy restoration materials. We also offer remineralizing fluoride treatments to keep your youngster’s teeth cavity-free and safe.

Making Dentistry Fun!

The best preventive care starts early so we think it is important to start making the experience a fun one too. We don’t want a single young patient to develop dental phobias or deal with the consequences of dental care traumas. Bring your child in early for a visit so that they can meet the team and look around the office. The more at home they feel, the better future treatments will go.

The care and cleaning of your child’s first teeth are extremely important tasks. Primary teeth serve many functions in a child’s growth and development in addition to proper chewing and digestion. Primary teeth are essential for correct speech development and play a vital role in holding space for future permanent teeth. To protect them, we offer early cleanings, sealants and sports mouth guards.

Technology Makes Dentistry Easy and Interesting

Every visit can be fun and educational for patients of all ages. Intra-oral cameras, for example, let you see your teeth magnified and in full-color so we can show you problem areas and what we can do to repair your teeth. Kids love it!

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