Dental Arts of Rockland Comprehensive Exams and Oral Cancer Screenings

Dental Arts of Rockland Comprehensive Exams

Digital and Panoramic X-Rays, Intra-Oral Cameras & Oral Cancer Screenings – It’s All Here!

Keeping your regular dental exams is one of the most important factors in helping your family and their smiles stay healthy and whole.

Our Technology

Every treatment room is computerized for accuracy of record keeping. It also allows us to instantly pull up your records and previous x-ray results for comparison. That means that even the slightest change in your teeth or gums is analyzed and recorded to let us catch damage, decay or disease early so it can be treated far less invasively and often, even reversed.

Our digital and panographic x-rays, and intra oral cameras give us a unique look into your mouth that is much more accurate and complete than old-fashioned x-ray technology alone.

Digital x-rays allow us to get clearer, full-color images of your teeth, images that allow you to see for yourself exactly what is going on in your mouth right along with the doctor. Panographic x-rays give us a clear overview of your entire mouth, capturing an image of the entire oral cavity. This image allows us to assess TMJ patients, evaluate for dentures and implants, check the position of your wisdom teeth, and look for other problems such as abscesses, signs of sinus problems, and receding bone levels caused by periodontal disease. And intraoral cameras, especially popular with kids, lets us project amazingly detailed, enlarged images on a chair-side screen so that together, we can explore every detail of your mouth. This lets us look at and discuss your oral health needs in real time.

Oral Cancer Screenings

We think having an oral cancer screening is just as important as a screening for any other cancer. Why? Oral cancer strikes an estimated 35,000 Americans each year. That’s why every new patient receives this screening and we recommend that you make sure your family has them no less than yearly.

Schedule your family’s exams and screenings by calling 845-359-0407.

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