Dental Arts of Rockland Gum Disease Therapy

Dental Arts of Rockland Gum Disease Therapy

Healthy Gums Means a Healthy You!

Gum disease is a serious problem. It can lead to all kinds of systemic inflammation and ill health. Though Dental Arts of Rockland focuses on the prevention of periodontal disease, we can also treat it gently and effectively with our advanced gum disease therapy.

Our Advanced Periodontal Treatments

Our patients know how important keeping up with new technologies and techniques is to us. This especially applies to the treatment of periodontal disease. We want to make treatment more thorough and comfortable than ever before, even at an advanced stage, to help you keep your teeth and improve your health.


Periodontal disease presents itself with a build-up of bacteria in the pockets in your mouth, causing plaque and tartar. One of the first steps in cleaning and healing your gums is to remove the buildup. We use a number of scaling methods to gentle and effectively remove the buildup, including ultrasonic cleaning with the Cavitron.

Custom Antibiotics

Once your gums have been thoroughly cleaned and treated, we can apply Arrestin®, an antibiotic that stays in place and releases antibiotic microspheres for up to ten days of concentrated and targeted treatment. It is amazing how well this treatment works and once the source of infection has been removed, your gums will begin to heal, and tighten around your teeth.

We’ll have your gums – and your health – back to tip-top shape in no time! Call 845-359-0407 today.

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