Dental Arts of Rockland Hygiene/Dental Cleanings

Dental Arts of Rockland Hygiene/Dental Cleanings

Keeping Your Smile And Your Body Healthy

Everyone has had their teeth cleaned at some time or another, but not everyone has experienced the ease and comfort of having their oral hygiene completed with the Cavitron® ultrasonic cleaner. This technology uses sound waves to gently, and effectively oscillate tartar from both above and below the gum line. We even use it to administer completely painless deep cleaning and gum disease therapy.

Why Regular Cleanings are so Important

Your gums do more than hold your teeth in place. They are mucous membranes and in part help serve as a barrier to infection but they also absorb and that means that toxins and other harmful substances can be quickly absorbed through the mucosa. When the gums themselves become infected, as in gum disease, that infection enters your bloodstream and can cause all kinds of chronic or life threatening problems such as strokes, heart attacks, diabetic complications, cancers,

Regular dental cleanings and hygiene are one of your best protections against this. If you do develop gum disease, we can treat that too.

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