Dental Arts of Rockland Comfortable Oral Surgery

Dental Arts of Rockland Comfortable Oral Surgery

Pain-Free. Comfortable. Soothing.

Even having a tooth pulled at Dental Arts of Rockland can be less of a trauma and more of a pleasure than you ever thought possible. Dr. Blechman and his staff work hard to ensure that your experience is soothing, tranquil and free of discomfort. If you are extremely nervous about your tooth extraction, talk to us about how Nitrous Oxide sedation can help you nap through the entire procedure.

Why Would I Need a Tooth Pulled?

Sometimes removing a damaged or decayed tooth is the best way to protect your health and relieve your pain. When a tooth is broken beyond repair, or so infected that a root canal will not be effective, we will remove the tooth and work with you to choose a comfortable and attractive replacement solution.

Remember, we offer everything from bridges to dental implants to beautifully and comfortably restore your smile to health.

  • My unhealthy gums were creating loose teeth – my mouth was in poor condition! My teeth were awful and had a very negative impact on my smile. I heard about Dr. Blechman through word-of-mouth and when I met him, I trusted him immediately. Some of my teeth needed to be removed but he created a partial denture that looks absolutely incredible. The whole staff made what could have been an undesirable and awful experience a GOOD one! This is the most wonderful office with the most friendly, approachable and professional staff. I recommend that no one go anywhere but Dental Arts of Rockland.

    - Marlene
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