Tooth Colored Metal-Free Fillings at Dental Arts of Rockland

Dental Arts of Rockland Tooth Colored,
Metal-Free Fillings

Healthier and More Beautiful Cavity Repair

When you throw back your head and laugh, what do people see? Do they see the vibrant, healthy you – or do they see a mouth full of dark metal fillings?

Metal fillings – even one – can be unhealthy for both your teeth and your body. The problem is, in part, that metal in your mouth reacts to temperature changes just the way it does outside your mouth, expanding and contracting when you eat or drink hot and cold foods and beverages. This constant movement weakens your tooth and can lead to crumbling chipping and cracking. It also allows bacteria to creep in under the filling and thrive.

The other issue is perhaps even more serious and has been under a lot of discussion these days – old-fashioned metal fillings contain Mercury, one of the most toxic metals found in nature. If Mercury based thermometers have been banned, why not Mercury based fillings?

We never put metal in your mouth. Instead, we use healthier, composite fillings that are tooth colored and stay in place in your tooth much better than metal.

It all adds up to a healthier looking smile and a healthier feeling you! Find out more by calling 845-359-0407.

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