About Our Orangeburg Dental Practice

Discover the Dental Arts of Rockland Difference

You are worth investing in – that’s why we work so hard to pack in so many ultra-pampering comforts, high-tech efficiency, and loads of services under one, beautiful and soothing roof. It’s also why we continue to improve and learn, advancing our education and updating our techniques and technologies.

Whether you live and work right here in Rockland or you commute from somewhere nearby like our neighboring Orange and Bergen counties… we’re here to provide top-notch dental care.

You can enjoy the benefits of our investments and advancements. It’s why we do what we do – sharing a healthy, strong, and beautiful smile with our favorite neighborhoods is our passion!

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Comfort and Convenience Your Family Can Count On

Located conveniently off the Palisades parkway, exit 5 or 6, and just minutes from the Palisades mall, Dental Arts Of Rockland is central to almost everyone. But that’s not the primary reason patients come from all over to see us. What patients really love is how welcoming, friendly, relaxed, and cheerful our team is while consistently maintaining the highest levels of professionalism and the ultimate in precision and accuracy.

We think you deserve dental health that lasts and lasts for a lifetime, and our comprehensive approach and masterful techniques prove it. All the while, keeping your comfort as our highest priority.

I highly recommend Dental Arts of Rockland for any patient looking for quality dental care from the second you walk into the dental office. From the front desk through the entire dental procedure you will be treated with extraordinary, and painless service. I was extremely pleased with all aspects of the care provided to me.

– Daniel

What Makes us Different

From superior sterilization methods to cushy treats like Bose headphones, cool eye compresses, heated herbal neck pillows, and therapeutic paraffin hand therapy, we spoil every patient beyond expectation.

  • We know exactly how safe and secure a blanket can make anyone feel so we offer them to all our guests.
  • We get how embarrassing it could be to have your teeth examined right after lunch so we give everyone a pre-visit toothbrush.
  • We understand how difficult sitting for extended periods can be so we invested in Adec operatory chairs with memory foam cushions.
  • We know that sometimes you just have to check your mail or catch up on some work so we offer free wifi.
  • And to top it all off, we offer candlelight dentistry! Now that’s pampering with a capital P!

“The services at Dental Arts of Rockland cannot be matched. The moment you walk in, a friendly, knowledgeable staff greets you warmly. Soft, gentle music accompanies you through the process and the opportunity for concierge services, such as massages and hot tea, comforts you on your journey to the perfect smile. My personal experience lived up to my expectations 100 percent! By the time the process was completed, I felt like a family member. I highly recommend Dental Arts of Rockland to anyone!”

– Larry