Those fillings you had in childhood were certainly nothing to brag about, were they? Dark, rough, and sensitive when eating anything hot or cold, they were also noticeable in your smile and made you feel embarrassed to laugh too widely. Some of them might still be in your mouth! If your old, metal dental fillings are part of the reason you are avoiding restorative care, relax. Dental Arts of Rockland only offers the safety, beauty, and comfort of tooth-colored fillings for our patients who experience tooth decay and cavities.

Because our tooth-colored-fillings are made of the same resin material we use for composite bonding you can be sure every repair will look great, reduce sensitivity, and last for years to come. We simply clear away decay, color-match the resin filling material, harden it with a special light, and smooth and polish it so it looks and feels like your own tooth. No more sensitivity or rough edges you can feel with your tongue.