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Your smile is one of the most important aspects of how you present yourself to the world. If your smile is bright, straight and youthful, it exudes confidence and success. But if you are embarrassed by your teeth and hesitate to smile because of it, it can make you appear sullen or withdrawn.

The appearance of your smile can also be an indicator of your health. A worn down smile might hint at clenching and other TMJ issues. A crooked smile can be more difficult to keep clean and lead to gum disease. Broken teeth can be uncomfortable and lead to chewing problems.

That’s why all of our dental treatments take into consideration both the health and appearance of your smile. Every restorative treatment is designed to help you look great. Every cosmetic treatment makes you feel as good as you look.

Our full menu of cosmetic dentistry includes:

Whatever your cosmetic smile needs are, we have the perfect cosmetic dental solutions. Call us today at 845-359-0407 to find out more about what we can help you find your healthiest, most dazzling smile!

  • As a teacher and an orator, I do a lot of public speaking – from small classes of ten or 20 to large crowds of three to four hundred people. I was always, always embarrassed by my poor dental appearance. Dr. Blechman’s work has made a big difference for me and my self-confidence. My teeth are no longer a distraction for others, and most importantly, for me!

    - Francisco
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