You brush twice a day with an electric toothbrush. You floss or pick after every meal. You even use a water flosser to irrigate your gums. But in spite of all of that excellent home hygiene, if you aren’t keeping up with your professional cleanings, you could be putting your teeth, gums, and body at risk. Here’s the scoop: No matter how well you clean your teeth at home, some bacteria in the form of plaque or tartar simply won’t budge. Sometimes it hides in between crowded teeth. Sometimes in the pits and grooves of your molars. And yet other times, it just builds up, a little at a time, at your gum line.

And don’t forget – everything you eat or drink feed the bacteria while maladies like dry-mouth create ideal conditions for the bacteria to flourish in. Cavities can form, periodontal disease flares, and inflammation develops. Don’t risk it! Dental Arts of Rockland’s professional cleanings are more effective than ever because our hygienists blast away every speck of plaque or tartar using the powerful, efficient, gentle ultrasonic scaler. Ultrasonic cleaning removes every bit of stubborn calculous and bacteria, polishes, and brightens your smile using soundwaves instead of old-fashioned metal tools. What could be nicer?